For ages 13 and up
Language, Mild Violence, Partial Nudity


Play as Marfusha, a gate guard in a dystopian world depicted in 2.5D pixel art, and protect the city gates from being destroyed by invading enemies. You are rewarded for surviving every day, but you will have to pay tax after tax until you have barely enough money to scrape by. You will have to use that meager income to buy upgrades, equipment, and hire coworkers. The enemies only grow stronger by each passing day, and you never know when they might eventually overpower you. Every morning, you can buy one card out of three choices. There are over 70 cards, including weapons, coworkers, upgrades, and random chance events. Choose what to spend what little money you have carefully, and strengthen Marfusha and her coworkers, while making sure you have the equipment necessary to deal with enemy attacks. As time passes, the taxes only grow heavier, but more equipment options become available, and you will meet new allies. Fight together with your coworkers and build up your trust, and you'll unlock stories with each of them. Endure and survive the endless invasion, and find out what lies at the end of these girls' gruelling battle. Test your limits with the difficult Challenge Mode! - Play as characters you meet in Main Mode - Use exciting new cards exclusive to Challenge Mode! - Watch special events by finding the right character combinations - Compete against other players around the world to see who can survive the longest Note: The console version comes with the artbook included.

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Playable on

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Single player
  • Xbox achievements
  • Xbox presence
  • Xbox cloud saves
  • Xbox Live