An Xbox logo is surrounded by vegetation and splashes of blue water.


Our mission as Team Xbox is to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone on the planet, but it’s critical we do so while taking care of the planet. We are working to reduce our environmental impact and creating opportunities for gamers to make decisions that can reduce their environmental impact while gaming.


Two controllers are side by side and center aligned in front of green plants. The first controller displays the front of the Remix Special Edition Wireless Controller and the other displays the back of the Remix Special Edition Wireless Controller. The Xbox Rechargeable Battery Pack is featured on the far right.

Xbox Wireless Controller – Remix Special Edition

Featuring recovered plastics with one-third of it made from regrind and reclaimed materials. Also includes the Xbox Rechargeable Battery Pack that lets you play without using disposable batteries.

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“Sustainability at Xbox is more than a single destination. It’s a long-term responsibility that requires commitment, innovation and accountability.”

- Phil Spencer, CEO Microsoft Gaming

Creating a conscious future for gaming

At Microsoft – and by extension, at Xbox – we’ve set ambitious goals to meaningfully reduce the company’s environmental impact and be carbon negative, water positive and zero waste by 2030.

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Reduce our carbon footprint

To help Microsoft be carbon negative by 2030, Xbox is working to reduce its carbon footprint through research, innovation, strategic investment and accountability.

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The road to zero waste

We have a long road ahead of us to achieve zero waste, and we can’t do it without you. We’re rethinking the materials we use to design, build, package, and distribute our products.

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Collective action

We must work together with our fans, organizations, developers, and the industry to help reduce gaming’s impact on the environment.

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Join us

We invite our community to join us on our journey to reduce our impact on the environment. Protecting the planet is our priority, even when we play.