Prison Architect - Cleared for Transfer
Prison Architect - Cleared for Transfer

Prison Architect - Cleared for Transfer

Paradox Interactive • Simulation • Strategy
For ages 17 and up, Violence, Blood, Sexual Content, Nudity, Drug Reference, Strong Language

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Attention Wardens! Your prisoners have been cleared for transfer! Cleared for Transfer introduces more rooms, privileges, and items, giving you leverage to reward good behavior and motivate reform. Key Features Prisoner Transfers: Prisoners can now transfer between sectors (or wings) of your prison. Requirements for transfer to a lower-security sector are entirely up to you. Special Privileges: Privileges can be assigned based on the security sector, giving your prisoners a motivation to transfer. Prisoners in high security areas are able to see the privileges given to lower security sectors. Room Grading: You can now grade other rooms, such as yards, classrooms, common rooms, and a new gymnasium. Goodies: Over twenty new items, including slum walls, table football, dumbbell rack, painting materials, snack machines, and more, are available to upgrade, and downgrade, your prison. Custom Security Sectors: Create areas with custom security sectors that can include prisoners from different security levels. New Actions and Enhancements: You can initiate actions like shakedowns, tunnel searches, and lockdowns by security sector.

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Paradox Interactive
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Double Eleven
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