Zombie Army 4: Mission 9 - Return to Hell
Zombie Army 4: Mission 9 - Return to Hell

Zombie Army 4: Mission 9 - Return to Hell

Rebellion • Action & adventure • Shooter
Blood and Gore, Language, Intense Violence

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It’s time to finish this! Learn the sinister secrets that set the Zombie apocalypse in motion and venture deep into Hell itself as you sprint to rescue a fallen ally from a fate worse than death – a space known only as the Void. Will the forces of the occult have their final victory, or will the bell toll for them? Return to Hell is the third and final mission in Return to Hell, a horrifying three-part Zombie Army 4: Dead War Campaign! Explore the realm of the damned in this new 1-4 player mission, complete with horrifying enemies, collectibles and more! You’ve come this far, but can you live through hell itself?

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Flix Interactive
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