RimWorld Console Edition - Ideology
RimWorld Console Edition - Ideology

RimWorld Console Edition - Ideology

Double Eleven Ltd. • Simulation • Strategy
Requires a game
Requires a game
For ages 17 and up
Violence, Blood, Use of Drugs

This content requires a game (sold separately).


WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? With the Ideology expansion, each person in the game gets a belief system. Everything is customizable. You can build mind-bending temples, hold unforgettable rituals, hunt the venerated relics of your belief system, and seek transcendence beyond reality in the new, epic archonexus endgame. Discover new ways to experience RimWorld Console Edition with the Ideology expansion. MEMES Each belief system is built around a collection of 1-4 core memes, where each meme represents a core idea in the belief system. By combining memes and changing the details of how they are expressed, you can create a near-infinite variety of different belief systems. PRECEPTS Each meme can give rise to a variety of different precepts. Each precept is a specific rule or guideline which affects a specific behavior or preference. Every belief system has an attitude towards slavery - some find the practice abhorrent, while others accept and even demand slaves as part of their beliefs. The same meme won’t always imply the same precepts - if you want fine control, you can edit and randomize precepts exactly the way you like. CONVERSION People can convert each other to new beliefs. You can assign wardens to convert prisoners, or use the special abilities of your moral guide. People will also spontaneously try to convert those around them. SPECIAL ROLES Make use of your favourite colonists’ strengths and skills by assigning them formal social roles. Each belief system defines special roles that believers can take on. RITUALS Each belief system defines a collection of unique rituals. These player-controlled events are special gatherings that have a variety of impacts depending on how they are carried out. GAURANLEN TREES A unique type of tree called the Gauranlen tree will occasionally sprout near your colony. These majestic orange trees have a symbiotic relationship with small creatures called dryads. ADDITIONAL QUESTS Ideology also adds some new quests such as relic hunts, ancient complex loot quests, new temporary encampments, and helping groups of beggars. NEW BUILDINGS Belief systems unlock new buildings. Many of the buildings are used to support rituals. Belief systems also unlock specific new buildables that have specific functions. STYLES Each belief system is associated with different aesthetic styles. Styles affect how many things look - rituals, furniture, floors, apparel, and art. Your colonists will enjoy being around things that match the styles of their belief system, and some may reject styles of other beliefs. ARCHONEXUS ENDGAME As your colony grows wealthy, you’ll have the opportunity to sell the whole thing and start anew with your favorite colonists and animals. In return, you’ll receive a piece of a map that leads to the archonexus - a conduit through which an ancient machine superintelligence is said to affect the physical world.

Published by

Double Eleven Ltd.

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Ludeon Studios / Double Eleven Ltd.

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S