Not For Broadcast: Season Pass

Not For Broadcast: Season Pass

Requires a game
Requires a game
For ages 17 and up
Violence, Blood, Sexual Themes, Nudity, Strong Language, Crude Humor

This content requires a game (sold separately).


Channel One is more than just the news! The Not For Broadcast Season Pass grants to access to all three of our new episodes of Not For Broadcast, as they release. Help ghost-hunters uncover the secrets of a haunted film studio, dig into the often scandalous life of the enigmatic Prime Minister Peter Clement and take part in a live television science experiment all from the (relative) safety of the editing desk. Each episode is a self-contained story, set early into the events of the main game Meet new and returning characters, solve puzzles in non-linear branching gameplay and - of course - enjoy a healthy dose of dark comedy. Pre-Order Bonus Pre-Order Not For Broadcast before March 23rd 2023, and to show our appreciation to get started on the job, we’ll award you the most coveted employee trophy at Channel One. Display it proudly: You’ll be the envy of the staff room. Episode 1: Live & Spooky Direct the ""Live & Spooky"" paranormal investigation team around a derelict film studio deep underneath Channel One. Frame the shots, capture the action and help keep viewers on the edge of their seats with some TV magic. After all, these ghost shows are all just a hoax... right? Episode 2: Bits of Your Life From fixing our shelves to forming a cabinet, the enigmatic life of our Prime Minister Peter Clement needs no introduction. But how did a former TV host come to grasp the very soul of our nation, and under what mighty hammer was such a man forged? Direct the action and uncover the truth about our new leader on tonight’s “Bits of Your Life!” Episode 3: The Timeloop Riots, protests, threats of war… In today’s topsy-turvy world, how can we hope to be truly happy? With science, of course! Tune out all that negative energy and join us as we host the first live televised science experiment in The Territory! Grab your safety goggles, sit back and get ready for the team at the Happiness Collective to improve your life! Leave the news desk behind for a while and immerse yourself in the varied world of high-quality broadcast television!

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