Twitch on Xbox One

Twitch on
Xbox One

With Twitch on Xbox One, you can broadcast and watch your favorite games. Just say “Xbox, Broadcast” to show the world what you’re playing. Once you’re done broadcasting, use Twitch to watch the games you love, chat with the players you follow, or even join a broadcaster’s game.*

Twitch screen on Xbox One

Broadcast And Watch Your Favorite Games*

Twitch lets you instantly broadcast and watch the games you love.

Broadcast Your Game

Let the world watch and interact with your game -- all in real-time. To start, just say “Xbox, Broadcast” or launch it from the Twitch app. You can then customize your* experience by adding picture-in-picture and audio using Kinect.

View Live Gameplay with Twitch

View Live & Saved Gameplay

Watch live broadcasts of top games, players and gaming events from around the world. Missed the live show? Don't worry, past broadcasts and highlights are available too.

Chat with Twitch on Xbox One

Chat And Play With Broadcasters You Follow

With our app, you can do more than just watch a broadcast. Cheer or jeer on a broadcaster using chat. Wanna get in the game you’re viewing? Send the broadcaster a request to join his or her party.

Twitch Xbox Achievements

Advanced Directories for Xbox Games

Use our advanced filtering and sorting options to find broadcasts most relevant to you. Filters may include player stats, game modes, maps, player skill level, in-game activity, progress, and more.

Personalize Your Experience

Our app puts the content you follow front and center. To curate your experience, hover over any Game or Channel, press the Menu button, and select Follow.

Twitch is Kinect Enabled

Unlock Achievements

Spend as much time watching Twitch as your attempts to reach max achievement on COD? Whether you view one hour of live broadcasts or a hundred, you can earn awesome Twitch achievements.

Setup Overview

Setup step 1

Connect Your Microsoft Account

Sign in with your Microsoft Account. A Xbox Live membership is required to use Twitch.

Setup step 1

Search For Twitch In Video Apps

Go to apps and select Browse Apps. From there, search for Twitch.

Setup step 1

Download & Install Twitch

Select the Twitch app to download and install. The app starts automatically once the download is complete.

Setup step 1

Launch Twitch

Once in the app, browse and search for live content by top game, broadcaster or featured event. To start the app later, go to Video, My Video Apps and choose Twitch.