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Want to improve your memory and brain activity? Or need to distract your kids during long car rides? You can do all these with Math & Match – a unique game that combines a classic memory matching game with simple mathematical concepts. Challenge your children to memorize their Multiplication Tables and Addition Facts, or expand your own computational skills through the timed version. Not interested in math? Choose the "relax" mode and play with images in place of math facts. Suitable for all ages. Kid or adult - this FREE game is guaranteed to keep your brain sharp! Features: - 6 Game Types (Toy Images, Numbers, Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction and Division) - 3 Levels (easy, medium, hard) allow you to progress as your skills increase. - Keeps records of local Best Scores - Provides a way to share best scores through Social Media or Email/SMS - Supports Live Tiles - Toast Notifications/Reminders - Enhances memory and brain function - Unique Multiplication table trainer - Learn and memorize Multiplication Table, Times Tables, Addition facts and Fundamentals of math! - Suitable for children, preschool age kids, and adults - Ideal for kindergarten and preschool programs - Helps kids to memorize Multiplication Table and times tables - A great trainer to practice Multiplications, Divisions, Subtractions and Additions - Kids love it and it is free! - Math for Kids! Ideal for 1st Grade children! - It's a great free Times Table game / Multiplication game - Includes addition tables, multiplication tables and memory math - Learn math facts free Train your brain and enjoy the game! Game Rules: The objective of the game is to find and match all card pairs as quickly as possible. This includes the time and the number of moves. You complete a move when you tap on two separate cards. If the tapped cards match each other they will disappear - otherwise they will flip back. The cards are considered to be a match if they show the same image or if they show a true mathematical equation. For instance, if you are playing the multiplication game and tapped on one card that shows 42 and the other that shows 7 x 6, this will be a match and cards will disappear. The game is over when all cards are matched. We value our Customer’s opinions and are always looking for your feedback and ideas. If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us: email - math challenge multiplicationflashcards multiplication flash cards multiplication [tables] multiplication tables for kids multiplication table multiplication table - full version mathematicus kids math kids math play kids maths game kids math learn kids math learn play learn math – elementary learn math basic learn math basics learn math – division learn math – multiplication learn math – addition learn math – subtraction learn numbers matching cards pairs matching cards matching card matching game memory card memory cards memory card game math & match memory match memory matching memory matching free math for kids math 4 kids math for adults math 4 adults brain trainer brain training train your brain train memory train your memory improve your math improve your-memory power memory power memory test memory game times table tutor times tables tutor times table teacher times tables teacher times tables lite times tables for kids times tables 4 kids times tables for adults division and multiplication steps table multiplication tables multiplication practice math practice multiplication practice division practice subtraction practice addition

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