MY.GAMES • Action & adventure • Shooter
Optimizado para Xbox Series X|S
Optimizado para Xbox Series X|S
11 idiomas admitidos
Optimizado para Xbox Series X|S
Optimizado para Xbox Series X|S
11 idiomas admitidos
For ages 13 and up
Violence, Suggestive Themes, Drug Reference, Crude Humor

Users Interact, In-Game Purchases

+Offers in-app purchases.


Embark on the ultimate treasure hunt in HAWKED, a free-to-play online Extraction Shooter full of daring adventures, boundless exploration, and all-out PvPvE action in pursuit of ancient treasures. Adventure through a mysterious world where roguish Renegades battle monsters — and each other — to reclaim powerful relics from a lost civilization. Time to flip the page on your Renegade origin story! OUTFOX & OUTGUN! Play solo or team up in 2- or 3-player squads. Fight monsters and rival Renegades in explosive PvPvE combat. Switch up your loadout for the heist at hand with powerful weapons and superpowered abilities. EXPLORE AN UNCHARTED WORLD! Traverse X-Isle, a world lush with verdant vistas, dense jungles, gorgeous beaches, and ancient ruins to raid. Use your Traverser and Hoverboard to get around while dodging traps and enemies! RECLAIM ANCIENT TREASURES! Solve puzzles to collect Glyphs, unlock the Treasury, and claim the Artifact. Get it to an Extraction Point to cash out and upgrade it — wield extracted Artifacts to unlock new powers! BECOME A RENEGADE! Experiment with different playstyles by combining weapons, Gear, Artifacts, and Boosters in your loadout. You can also change your look with hundreds of customization options like Outfits, Weapon Skins, and more! FIND FORTUNE IN AN EPIC, EVOLVING ADVENTURE! Join the adventurers guild GRAIL, complete quests to unlock exclusive rewards, and witness X-Isle change and evolve as new threats rise, alliances shift, and adventure calls. FORTUNE FAVORS THE BAD

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Playable on

  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Online co-op (2-3)
  • Online multiplayer (30-30)
  • Xbox cross-platform multiplayer
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • 60 fps+
  • Optimized for Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox achievements
  • Xbox clubs
  • Xbox cloud saves
  • Xbox Live