Get Even

Get Even

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. • Action & adventure
For ages 17 and up
Alcohol Reference, Blood, Drug Reference, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence


Cole Black is a man with questions… Or so he is told. When he awakes in an old abandoned asylum, his sole memory is the attempted rescue of a teenage girl with a bomb strapped to her chest. Everything else is blank. With a strange technology fused to his head - used to read and replay human memory - Black travels into the depths of his own mind. To find the truth of his past. To find the truth of what happened. And to answer two very simple questions: ‘Why were you there?’ and, ‘Who was the girl?’

Publicado por

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

Desenvolvido por

The Farm 51 Group S.A.

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Playable on

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Xbox Live