Endzone - A World Apart: Complete Edition

Endzone - A World Apart: Complete Edition

Assemble EntertainmentStrategy
On sale: save $44.00, ends in 6 days
On sale: save $44.00, ends in 6 days
For ages 13 and up
Mild Violence, Drug Reference, Language

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In 2021, a group of terrorists blew up nuclear power plants around the world and plunged the world into chaos. Only few were able to escape into underground facilities called "Endzones". 150 years later, mankind returns to the surface - under your command! In an extremely hostile environment full of radioactivity, contaminated rain and extreme climate change, you'll have to prove your worth as a leader. - Build a settlement on the hostile surface of the earth with over 90 different buildings and take care of your men, women and children. - Gather & refine many different resources and manage your economy by building an efficient infrastructure with streets and depositories. - Experience dynamically simulated, believable environments! Every ground cell in the game has its own humidity and radiation values. - Survive in a world of constant threats including radioactively contaminated ground, droughts, toxic rain, sandstorms, and raiders. - Send expeditions to forgotten places and make meaningful decisions that change the fate of your people. - Experience a living settlement and fulfill side missions to cater for your settlers needs. - A variety of challenging scenarios with specific winning conditions and a distinct storyline will put your survival skills to the test. Distant Places DLC It has been centuries since we started to regain our foothold on the surface of the earth. Up to this day, we have strived to establish a flourishing haven, much more than just a shelter to withstand the harsh environment we find ourselves in. It’s a place that provides safety, health care, education and even electricity, but most importantly, it’s a place everybody can call their home. A place to pursue happiness. But even after reaching these important milestones and creating a new and healthy civilization, our people are still curious as to what lies ahead. Being the pioneers they are, they want to reach out to other survivors and discover new and exciting places beyond the borders of the settlement. They want to uncover the Distant Places, far, far away that so many legends speak of. - Driven by an insatiable quest for knowledge, your explorers can take to the skies onboard their purpose-built hot air balloon and travel to mysterious places far off the map. - Embark on a journey of adventure and discovery far outside the safety of the settlement. - Experience 12 story-driven, large-scaled global expeditions that take you to 4 varied, yet unseen places of the world. Suited for only the most well-equipped adventurers, they offer uncertain but very rewarding outcomes. - Support and expand your settlement with new buildings that can be discovered during the new expeditions. - Have your people experience the unique tastes and merits of 6 all-new exotic seeds like coconuts and bananas.

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Assemble Entertainment

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Gentlymad Studios

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Single player
  • Xbox Live