Croc's World (Xbox-Edition)

Croc's World (Xbox-Edition)

Sprakelsoft GmbHAction & adventurePlatformerFamily & kids
For all ages
Mild Fantasy Violence

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Croc´s World is a really nice jump'n'run with 60 incredible levels and many challenging enemies! It features: + 60 incredible levels (4 for free, others as in-app-purchase) + Nice graphics + 4 different themes + many challenging enemies Instructions: Jump and run through the levels and dodge all enemies. Collect a helmet to crush stoneblocks. Collect the stonebag to throw stones. If you collect 100 diamonds you´ll get an extra life! Controls: Move: Cursor-keys or 'a', 'w', 'd' Shoot: Space

Published by

Sprakelsoft GmbH

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Playable on

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Xbox Live