Best Month Ever! Demo

Best Month Ever! Demo

Klabater • Other • Role playing
1 Supported languages
1 Supported languages
For ages 17 and up
Sexual Themes, Strong Language


Best Month Ever is a modern narrative-driven visual adventure game about Louise, a single mother, and her growing-up son Mitch. One day Louise finds out she is terminally ill and has only one month to live and raise her son. How do you explain such things to an 8-year old kid? Young Mitch is picking up things fast - like a small duckling, he observes his mother and imitates her behavior. Time is running and Louise has to think about making the right decisions. Together they hit the road to spend this one last month. The decision she will make on the way will forever change her son’s future. This intense family trip takes place during a groovy 60s era. Mother and son are thrown into both dangerous and funny situations, all of which impact their relationship and future. In the background of their intimate tale, there’s the USA torn apart by political tensions and social inequalities brutally dividing the country. You will learn about the facts and decisions from the past in flashbacks and through memories of the grown-up Mitch - the narration constantly switches between the “past” (the 60s) and the “present” (the 70s). Finally, we jump back in time to decide what choices Louise made and how they affected the future of the two. Players’ decisions will also help shape a unique image of her as to what kind of person she was. Decisions REALLY matter! To keep track of Mitch’s growth as a person, each choice you make adds positive or negative influence to three statistics: Righteousness, Confidence, and Relations. As a result, this changes your story on the go, which makes each player's experience feel unique. Mother & Son relationship - Not only their individual fate will be subject to change, but also their mutual relationship. Best Month Ever is above all else the story of an absolutely unique bond that can only exist between a mother and a son and it can be both touching and challenging at the same time. Different Outcomes - Turn on, tune in, drop out… and enjoy your decisions’! Different choices result in different endings of the game. It is up to the player’s decisions what kind of person the grown-up Mitch will become and what exactly happened during the memorable journey through the USA. Weird 60s trip - What a time to travel it was! Canned Heat was singing about “Going Up the Country” while Bob Dylan asked “How does it feel” to have no home and live on the street. Louise and Mitch travel across the country, meeting bikers, hippies, Ku Klux Klan, Native Americans, and far-out wanderers of all sorts. No losers here! - Don’t be a square, you can’t ‘lose’ in Best Month Ever! Your decision will shape Mitch as an adult person. He may of course get some kicks on the way, but hey, the story will still be unique and rewarding! Can you dig it?

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Warsaw Film School Video Game & Film Production Studio

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Single player
  • Xbox Live