Worldless Demo

Worldless Demo

CoatsinkAction & adventureStrategyFightingPlatformer
For ages 10 and up
Fantasy Violence


Worldless is set at a time where the rules of existence remain undefined. Players will explore a shapeless world of two realms, one filled with entities forming their growth and understanding, the other is the place they aspire to. This inevitably thrusts them into a war against polarities in a battle for transcendence. In this 2D Action Adventure Platformer, players will jump, glide and dash through an indeterminate setting, uncovering its secrets and finding their place within a mind-bending reality. Along the way are encounters with beings who believe their superiority has automatically earned them a place in the next existence. Using turn-based rules along with a unique defend and combination system that requires patience, timing, and the desire for development, your strength and capabilities will truly be put to the test. Define the Undefined Uncover unimaginable possibilities - Jump, glide, and dash your way through a shapeless world in pursuit of destiny Blur Realities - Bask in an atmospheric, unforgettable setting that unlocks the mind Evolve Beyond Grow and Prosper - Upgrade your abilities through an intricate talent tree Ready yourself - Engage in turn-based battles, timing your combinations and defenses to perfection Immerse yourself Indulgent Melodies - Connect to the realms of Worldless on a deeper level with a haunting, beautiful score Cherish the moment - Define the world and challenge its secrets in a mysterious narrative left open to interpretation

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Noname Studios

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Playable on

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Single player
  • Xbox Live