War Thunder - XM-1 Chrysler

War Thunder - XM-1 Chrysler

Gaijin Distribution Kft • Shooter
Requires a game
Requires a game
For ages 13 and up

This content requires a game (sold separately).


This pack includes: Xbox exclusive tank XM-1 Chrysler (Rank 6 USA); Premium account for 15 days; 2000 Golden Eagles; The XM-1 Chrysler is a M1 Abrams tank prototype, the contest model from Chrysler company. It includes a gas turbine powertrain and undercarriage with seven roller wheels per side, with torsion bar suspension. The tank’s main armament consists of a 105 mm rifled M68 cannon, The XM-1 tank carry 55 shots and have a decent range of shells to choose from: fin-stabilized APFSDSs with discarding sabot, HESH, non-rotating HEAT-FS shells, and smoke shells. The 1500-horsepower gas turbine engine on the XM-1 (C) – allows the tank to reach up to 75 km/h. The tank gets up to speed very quickly and is a pleasure to drive. Exclusive for War Thunder on Xbox. All premium vehicles allow you to earn increased Research Points and Silver Lions for each battle and comes furnished with all available modifications. With a Premium account (also purchasable in the game for Golden Eagles) you will earn more Research Points and Silver Lions during each battle for a set amount of days. This is cumulative with bonuses from premium vehicles!

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Gaijin Distribution Kft

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Gaijin Distribution Kft

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S