Prison Architect: Psych Ward DLC

Prison Architect: Psych Ward DLC

Double Eleven LimitedAction & adventureStrategySimulation
Requires a game
Requires a game
For ages 17 and up
Blood, Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Drug Reference, Strong Language, Violence

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This content requires a game (sold separately).


New behaviour means new challenges - how well will you cope? The Psych Ward DLC allows players to open their lockups to a new class of inmates: the Criminally Insane. Handle their needs and behaviours without pushing the population to breaking point. Neglecting your prisoners’ needs and punishing them too frequently risks permanently damaging their health. Features: ● New inmates with unique traits! ● New wardens to alter your prison experience! ● New staff - hire psychiatrists to ease their minds and manage their behaviour ● New pre-built prisons, including the world’s largest floating prison ● New building plots – build your new facility in an abandoned jungle camp or ancient ruins ● Equip your prison with new padded cells and a Criminally Insane wing ● Show-off and share your prisons in World of Wardens.

Published by

Double Eleven Limited

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Introversion Software / Double Eleven

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S