Fragile Equilibrium

Fragile Equilibrium

Rochester Institute of Technology | MAGIC Spell Studios • Action & adventure • Shooter


FRAGILE EQUILIBRIUM [Fe] Fragile Equilibrium is a game about the Imperfection and impermanence of life. It is a reflection on transience, a balancing act between progress and regrowth, a reminder to find beauty in decay and inevitable destruction. Using old-school “shmup” mechanics and forms, [FE] invites the player to explore a world of quick actions, forced decisions, and subtle strategy: but with each decision, the player falls ever out of balance. As balance decays so does the world, eroding over time and out of space, binding the player to a smaller area, pressing in upon the mind. Built upon multi-layered interactions, a Wabi Sabi aesthetic idealism, and a rich, broken world of yesterday’s fantasies, [FE] asks the player to reflect upon their play, their world, their nostalgia, and themselves. Find your balance, live a life well played. Fragile Equilibrium plays out using classic side-scrolling shmup mechanics across four levels descending into chaos. As your skills improve there are four levels of difficulty ranging from easy to insane. Local high score in the classic style will allow you and your friends to compete for the highest score!

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Rochester Institute of Technology | MAGIC Spell Studios

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MAGIC Spell Studios, LLC

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Playable on

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PC


  • Single player
  • Xbox Live