Falling Plus

Falling Plus

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Help Peppy the Penguin clean up the mess by quickly matching colors, but look out for Wally the Walrus! Falling Plus is a love letter to 1980s arcade-style puzzle games! Peppy's igloo is under attack! Blocks of ice are dropping from the ceiling, and from time to time, Wally the Walrus is dropping in too! If Peppy doesn't match the colors carefully and work quickly, he'll be buried under a mountain of problems! Can Peppy clean up the mess and get rid of the intruder? It all depends on you and your reflexes! Falling Plus is a retro-style arcade game with an optional emulator-style presentation. You'll think you've traveled back in time! The fun gameplay is backed up with sharp, colorful graphics, and genuine classic-style music and sound effects, created on a Commodore 64! But you also get modern features such as customizable controls, audio/video options, and Leaderboards! You also get two additional bonus modes: Survival Challenge and Burning Igloo Challenge! In both, you get one life and must survive for as long as possible under difficult circumstances. Survival throws you into a challenging level that never ends, while Burning Igloo sends fire down along with the usual blocks and enemies! This game locally supports 1 or 2 (alternating) players. [NOTICE] This game utilizes the Universal Windows Platform framework (“UWP”). UWP games on Xbox display a screen when the game is first loaded, entitled “Permission Needed” and asking you to grant certain permissions from your Xbox Live profile. In order to fully play the game, please select “Yes”. If you select “No” the game will still start, but certain functions may not work properly. Please note that all UWP games display this screen and ask for these permissions, and no personal data is requested by the game or received by the developer.

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Local multiplayer
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Single player
  • Xbox clubs
  • Xbox Live