Same-Day Digital Availability

You now have more purchase options! Download your favorite Xbox One games from Xbox Live the same day they are available at retail – all in the comfort and convenience of your home. The digital version can be downloaded directly to your Xbox and you can even start playing before the full game download is complete. Have peace of mind that you’ll never lose your disc and can access or buy it any time of the day. For more information, see Q&A section below.

Questions & Answers:

Can I buy digital versions of every Xbox One game?

All Xbox One Games will have a digital version unless there is a required physical peripheral (e.g. Skylanders Swap Force).

Do I get LE and pre-order bonuses on digital editions of Xbox One games? (or – do I miss out on stuff if I buy digital?).

It will depend on the game – some games like CoD Ghosts have already announced digital versions of their LE with digital exclusive benefits. Other titles like Dead Rising 3 have announced that their channel wide pre-order incentives will come with the digital version for the first 2 weeks. We will see more of these, but can’t guarantee parity in every case.

Will I be able to re-download the digital version if anything goes wrong or if I get a new console?

Yes, once you license and download the digital version you can re-download the game. See for additional details.

How many digital games can I store on my consoles hard drive?

This will depend on the size of your hard drive & the different game file sizes. You can always remove game content from your hard drive to make space for new titles. Anything you’ve purchased & have deleted from your hard drive can still be re-downloaded at any time.

Will my progress be saved if I ever had to re-download the digital version?

As long as you still have your save game file (either on your hard drive or in the cloud) your progress will be saved and available if you re-download the digital game.

Will the digital and physical version be the same game in terms of graphics, quality, speed and performance?

Yes, digital and physical versions will be identical in these aspects.

Can I bring a digital game with me to play at a friend’s house the way I can with a physical disc?

Yes, your entire digital game library is available to play wherever you are logged in, in addition to your home console.

Can I instantly switch between digital versions of Xbox One games?

Yes. Here’s how it works across Xbox One:

  • Physical
    • Must be installed and played off hard drive.
    • Disc must always be in tray to play.
  • Digital
    • Must be installed and played off hard drive.
    • No disc, so easy switching.