Digital Safety at Xbox

Last updated: 2/16/2024

At Xbox, we are dedicated to creating a safe and trusted gaming environment in compliance with the Digital Services Act (DSA).

We may update these terms at any time. When we update to these terms, we will revise the "last updated" date and note significant changes.

Moderation and Complaint Handling

Xbox is committed to the safe use of our online services by all. Microsoft's Code of Conduct sets out rules that apply to Xbox and its players. Our Xbox Community Standards provide a guideline for acceptable player conduct on our network and within our community.

Content Moderation

Be safe when you create, interact and share.

Many Xbox services allow players to create and/or share content and interact with other players. We make content moderation decisions with great care and respect for human rights while keeping our services free of offensive content.

Our safety suite uses algorithm decision making tools and applies a combination of proactive and reactive moderation methods, together with human oversight, to ensure greater accuracy in detection and a safer gaming service.

Our data and application methods are detailed in our Transparency Report which explains further how our technology and proactive processes support player safety in our community.

User Generative Content

Generated images or text that violate our content and conduct policies may be removed.

Xbox or its services may block text prompts, user input or other behaviors that violate our Code of Conduct, or that are likely to lead to the creation of user generated material that violates our Code of Conduct.

Abuse of Microsoft services, such as repeated attempts to share or produce prohibited content or other violations of the Code of Conduct, may result in service or account suspension.


To offer a safe online experience we may review and take enforcement action against content or conduct, as defined under our Digital Safety Content and Conduct Policy, or that otherwise violates our terms.

We apply a wide range of enforcement methods so that the enforcement action is objective and proportional to the harm, with due regard to the fundamental rights of all parties.

  • Enforcement may range from a warning, to blocking or minimizing your content, to suspending your account(s), depending on the severity of the violation.
  • Where possible, we will notify users why enforcement action was taken and provide instructions on how to appeal the action.
  • Additionally, we may suspend the process of complaints submitted by users who abuse the complaint-handling system by submitting reports that are manifestly unfounded.

We strive to apply our content moderation processes fairly and offer an appeal process for affected users to request review of the decision.

For more on our enforcement actions: see here.

To view your enforcement history: see here.


Xbox will review some enforcement actions, and if an appeal is successful, the enforcement action may be reversed.

For example, an account could be reinstated, or content restored. If you submit a case for review, you will be notified of the outcome of your report. For more on our appeal process: see here.

  • Depending on the type of enforcement action or suspension you've received, your case may qualify for our appeals process.
  • Xbox device bans aren't eligible for a case review. For more info about device bans, see here.
  • Additional ineligible enforcements include those with shorter duration periods, content takedowns with no accompanying service suspension, and suspensions that are no longer active.
  • Complaints must be submitted within 6 months of being informed of an appealable decision.
  • When you request an eligible appeal, a trained team of human moderators will review your request.
  • If they determine the action was taken in error, the enforcement action may be reversed, and/or your content or account will be restored.

All appeal decisions are final.

Information on service cancellation and refunds can be found here.

Reporting Content

Complaint Handling

You can and should report others when you see violations of our terms, especially illegal or harmful content. Some of our games and services may also have mechanisms within the service for you to make these reports.

If you abuse the complaint-handling/reporting system, for example, using it for false reporting, harassment or to cause harm to others, action (such as suspension or termination) may be taken on your account as this is a violation of our terms and will result in enforcement actions.

DSA Point of Contact – European Commission and Member State Authorities

For direct communications from the European Commission, Member States’ Authorities, and the European Board for Digital Services in connection with the application of the DSA:

Please use:

English is the preferred language for communication with this point of contact. More information can be found here.

This point of contact is reserved for engagement with the authorities listed above. For other types of inquiries, please use the contact method described below.

DSA Point of Contact – Xbox users

Xbox has rules we require players to follow to enable a safe experience for everyone.

Our Digital Safety Content and Conduct Policies and Code of Conduct defines what’s allowed or prohibited while using your Microsoft account. We empower our users to report suspected violations of these policies to help keep our gaming services safe for everyone.

To contact Xbox about a general DSA concern, please go here.

To report illegal conduct or content on our service, please go here.

Additional Terms