Two Point Hospital: Close Encounters

Two Point Hospital: Close Encounters

SEGA Europe Ltd • Simulation • Strategy
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For ages 10 and up
Crude Humor, Animated Blood

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Down in the town of Goldpan, rumours persist of an out of this world encounter. A fireball, witnessed streaking above the sandy climes of Two Point County’s Eastern reaches, is chief suspect after a range of unusual illnesses have caused strife, commotion and general unrest amongst the inhabitants of this oft-forgotten town. As an all-round medical supremo with a knack for tackling the unreal, your administration has operational access to some key locations in the area… including some areas the public really don’t need to know about. The Two Point Squabbler, the County’s finest journalistic institution, wants to know what’s going on… and you’re their ticket in.


SEGA Europe Ltd


Two Point Studios

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Playable on

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S