Natural Instincts

Natural Instincts

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6 Supported languages
6 Supported languages
For all ages
Mild Fantasy Violence


Protect the environment, and save it from harm! Give commands to the animals, observe their rituals and help them survive. Face different disasters, react to human presence and help the animal kingdom flourish in this unique, environmental experience! Dive Into the World of Wildlife Dive deep into the forests filled with birds singing, fascinating animals, and various challenges. Natural Instincts is a relaxing experience that gives you an insight into the wildlife of European forests. Learn about the different species and protect them and their environment. Keep the dangers away from the animals and help them breed so their packs, colonies, and families can grow. Be careful though as the balance in the environment is very fragile. Help Natural Selection Each animal is born with a set of traits, some of which are inheritable. Choose carefully which animals to breed, to create stronger and stronger generations. Remember to keep the balance between prey and predators; otherwise one of the group may struggle to survive. Explore Unique Campaigns The game features several campaigns, each of which tells about a different species of European forest animals. Get to know the lives and struggles of wolves, rabbits, or even wild boars with these short yet complex stories. Do unique quests, learn about the animals’ habits, and enjoy watching them grow in safety thanks to your actions. Watch their rituals Each animal species has its own unique habits. In Natural Instincts, you can observe how wolves, deer, and other species of European animals behave in their natural environment. Now, you can discover all their secrets! Did you know that fawns are born scentless so that they are less likely to be found by predators? Show them how to survive Lead the animals and show them how to avoid harm! Direct them away from the streets or trash, which may be very dangerous to wildlife. Help them avoid poachers, and save them from dangerous situations. The animals will learn based on your actions - command them wisely as the balance in the ecosystem is fragile. Do not let them go extinct! They need your help During gameplay, you will face a number of events and challenges. Encounters with poachers and wild dumps will get in your way to protect the environment, but you can always count on volunteers to help you clean the trash or feed the animals! You can lead the animals to extermination or bring balance and multiply their population. It all depends on you!

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RockGame S.A.

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DreamStorm Studios

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • HDR10
  • Single player
  • Xbox One X Enhanced
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