Microsoft Minesweeper

Microsoft Minesweeper

Xbox Game StudiosPuzzle & trivia
For all ages
Mild Fantasy Violence

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Keep your mind sharp in Microsoft Minesweeper! Use logic and strategy to clear the board without triggering a mine. Sweep through the original and iconic Minesweeper game now UPDATED with NEW Themes, Play Modes, more Daily Challenges, Achievements, and ALL-NEW Auto -Chording. It's FUN for all ages! CLASSIC MODE: The original Minesweeper you love from the 1990s has been UPDATED! Place FLAGS to tag suspecting mines or use tools to solve puzzles faster. Collect XP to level-up and earn NEW Titles & Badges. Hang out with the iconic Minesweeper emoji in NEW Themes. Challenge yourself by changing your DIFFICULTY, choosing your board, and earning ACHIEVEMENTS. ADVENTURE MODE: Quest through a Minesweeper labyrinth using skill to safely guide a brave hero to the center of Earth. Collect loot, uncover weapons, defeat enemies, and avoid hidden hazards. Complete the board to level up and continue your journey. DAILY CHALLENGES: Five (5) DAILY CHALLENGES each day. Choose from Classic, Flags, Detonation, Treasure Hunt, and Taps. Complete them ALL throughout the month to earn a PERFECT BADGE! Become a Premium Subscriber to play past Daily Challenges you missed! EARN XP & LEVEL UP: Collect XP to level-up and earn NEW Titles & Badges. Sign-in with a Microsoft Account to save your progress, Level, XP, and Achievements. Play on more than one device when you sign-in with the same Microsoft Account. Pick up where you left off or play Microsoft Minesweeper from anywhere.

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