Deluxe Upgrade Bundle

Deluxe Upgrade Bundle

SEGA • Action & adventure • Role playing
Requires a game
Requires a game
For ages 17 and up
Use of Alcohol, Blood, Suggestive Themes, Strong Language, Violence

In-Game Purchases

This content requires a game (sold separately).


The Deluxe Upgrade Bundle contains 6 DLC sets for Like a Dragon: Ishin! - Shinsengumi Captain's Set - Ryoma Growth Support Kit - Sword Upgrade Materials Kit - Gun Upgrade Materials Kit - Third Division Armament Expansion Kit - The Dragon of Dojima Skin The Dragon of Dojima Skin can only be purchased with this bundle and is not sold separately. The Shinsengumi Captain's Set includes: - Extra Diffiulty level "Ishin" - Skin: Scarred Ryoma - Skin: Shinobi Ryoma - Skin: Kabuki Ryoma - Skin: Chicken Ryoma - Haori: Fiery Soul - Haori: Golden - Haori: Big Catch - Haori: Cherry Blossom - Haori: Midnight - Haori: Dawn of the Tojo - Haori: Great Beauty - Haori: Proud Sumo - Haori: Sushi Served Fresh - Haori: Elegant Teacup - Haori: Dragon Samurai - Haori: Festival Wear The Ryoma Growth Support Kit contains: - Red Daifuku X3 - Yellow Daifuku x3 - Blue Daifuku x3 - Green Daifuku x3 - Training Daifuku x3 - Sacrifice Stone x1 The Sword Upgrade Materials Kit contains: - Pearl x1 - Fluorite x1 - Marksman's Fan x1 - Precious Steel x15 - Silver Scrap x20 - Gold Nugget x20 - Gold Chunk x20 - Kiwami Hammer x1 - Kiwami Seal x2 The Gun Upgrade Materials Kit contains: - Obsidian Chunk x1 - Marksman's Fan x1 - Dragon Whisker x1 - Exquisite Cogwheel x20 - Rusty Spring x20 - Small Wind-up Device x15 - Gold Hammer x1 - Kiwami Hammer x1 - Kiwami Seal x2

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Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PC