Call of Toys: Tower Defense!

Call of Toys: Tower Defense!

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Xbox Play Anywhere
4 Accessibility features
23 Supported languages
Xbox Play Anywhere
4 Accessibility features
23 Supported languages
For ages 10 and up
Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood

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Embark on an exhilarating journey to protect Santa's Valley in this epic Tower Defense game, a 2D strategic Tower Defense game inspired by classic TD games. In the magical world of Christmas, dreadful creatures invade Santa's valley, making their way toward the magical portal that connects Santa's valley to Earth. In this time of crisis, Santa Claus has transformed his toys into powerful defense towers. Your mission is to skillfully construct towers strategically placed across the landscape to intercept the creatures and prevent them from reaching the portal, thus stopping them from reaching Earth. Explore an arsenal of 13 unique towers, each equipped with magical spells and exclusive abilities. Customize your towers with numerous upgrades that enhance their strength and unlock new magical powers. But that's not all! Your towers can be equipped with a variety of items, including armor, helmets, shields, amulets, rings, and an impressive selection of weapons such as swords, axes, hammers, magic wands, and bows. With each defended wave of attacks, you accumulate gold and precious items, essential for improving your defense and unlocking incredible tower powers. You can choose from various game modes: • Campaign Mode: Embark on a solo journey with 40 challenging dungeons. • Duel against the Machine: Test your skills at various difficulty levels, from easy to insane. • Duel Mode: Challenge friends in local multiplayer matches for up to 4 players. • Cooperative Mode: Join forces with friends in local multiplayer matches for up to 4 players. • Challenge Mode: Overcome special challenges to prove your mastery of strategy. Get to know the towers and their primary powers: • Midas' Hand: Each attack is transformed into valuable coins, enriching your arsenal. • Robot V6: Equipped with a laser arm and a bomb launcher, this toy is a destructive machine. • Clown: Fires a cascade of flaming knives, turning the battlefield into a spectacle of fire. • Flame Mistress: Mastering fire magic, this tower conjures fiery flames to consume enemies. • Father of Light: With a high-intensity light attack, it illuminates the path to victory. • Little Sheriff: A fusion of an elephant and a sheriff monkey, adding a fun twist to defense with its fearless approach. • Ice Princess: Her icy attacks slow down invading creatures, freezing them in place. • Bright Unicorn: Fires a triple attack that ricochets among enemies, causing havoc while slowing them down. • Cocoa Farm: This productive tower releases valuable resources to strengthen your defenses. • War Dog: Its boomerang attack skillfully ricochets among multiple creatures, hitting them repeatedly. • Gorilla: Launches massive stones that wreak havoc and stun enemies with brute force. • Demolition Car: With incredibly fast attacks, it crushes invading creatures at high speed. • Toy Totem: Radiates a powerful aura that enhances the power of all allied toys, strengthening the overall defense. With these enchanting towers and their unique abilities, you are ready for the magical and strategic Christmas battle! And let's not forget the additional features that make the game even more captivating: • Immersive Soundtrack: Enjoy various background music tracks that immerse you in the game's magical world. • Detailed Encyclopedia: Consult the encyclopedia for information about towers, monsters, and items. • Comprehensive Tutorial: Master the game's mechanics with a complete teaching section. • Variety of Maps: Face a range of challenging maps, each with its unique terrain and obstacles. Adapt your strategy to each scenario. • Classic Tower Defense System: Enjoy the classic Tower Defense system, enhanced with new magical elements. Prepare for a magical and strategic experience like no other in "Call of Toys." You are the last line of defense and the only hope for Santa's Valley. Defend Christmas and become the hero that the magical world needs. What are you waiting for? The fate of Christmas is in your hands! Resources: • Build and Upgrade Towers: Construct a variety of defensive towers, each with unique abilities. Strategically plan your defense and choose the right towers for each situation. • Legendary Toys: Recruit legendary toys to lead your defenses. Each toy has special abilities that can change the course of battle in your favor. • Tower Customization: You can enhance and customize your towers with a variety of upgrades, including items like armor, helmets, shields, amulets, rings, and various weapons. • Incredible Enemies: Battle increasingly powerful enemies, from seemingly harmless creatures to formidable and overwhelming foes. • Challenging Maps: Face a variety of challenging maps, each with its own terrain and unique obstacles. Adapt your strategy to each scenario. • Diverse Game Modes: Choose from various game modes, including Campaign, Duel against the Machine, Local Multiplayer Duel, Cooperative Mode, and Special Challenges. • Multiplayer Gameplay: Challenge friends in local multiplayer matches or cooperate to face waves of enemies. Prove that you are the ultimate tower defense strategist. • Detailed Encyclopedia: Consult the game's encyclopedia for information about towers, monsters, and items. • Comprehensive Tutorial: Learn the game mechanics with a complete tutorial, ensuring you're ready for action. • Classic Tower Defense System: Experience the classic Tower Defense system, enhanced with magical and strategic elements.

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Bakart Games

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Bakart Games - Rômulo

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  • Xbox local co-op (2-4)
  • Xbox local multiplayer (2-4)
  • HDR10
  • Single player
  • Shared/split screen
  • 60 fps+
  • 120 fps
  • Console Keyboard & Mouse
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