Alone in the Dark Prologue

Alone in the Dark Prologue

THQ NordicAction & adventurePuzzle & triviaOther
For ages 10 and up
Mild Violence


Alone in the Dark Prologue is an atmospheric Playable Teaser for the upcoming re-imagination of Alone in the Dark – the game which gave birth to the survival horror genre. One of Derceto’s residents, Jeremy Hartwood, has been acting strange lately. He asks Grace to do one simple thing – help him deliver a letter to his niece, Emily Hartwood. She seems to be the only one capable of understanding the otherworldly horrors plaguing Jeremy’s mind. Grace agrees and embarks on a short yet memorable trip through a wing of Derceto Manor, invaded by a presence which appears to have emerged from the dark depths of the Bayou… Pre-order the full game here.

Published by

THQ Nordic

Developed by

Pieces Interactive

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Playable on

  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Xbox Live