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Mixer stream browser

Experience the next generation of live game streaming

Mixer is the only next gen streaming service that offers viewers real-time influence and participation in live game streams.

Xbox Avatar Creator

Customise your experience

Personalise your Xbox One experience through the selection of your gamertag, gamerpic and profile. Change the background image of your Xbox One, choose your preferred accent colour and customise your avatar in the Avatar editor.

Elite controller remapping screen

Remap your Xbox Elite and Xbox One Wireless Controllers

Controller button remapping allows you to reassign one button’s functionality to another button. It also allows you to switch the left and right triggers and the left and right thumbsticks. This can be done on the standard Xbox One Wireless Controller and on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

Xbox One Controller Guide Access

Quickly access the guide

Access the guide from anywhere by tapping the on your controller

Get to the things you love faster and easier

Get faster access to your favourite games and content on Xbox One home. You'll be able to access the games and apps you've most recently used, share your achievements and game clips with the Xbox Live community and get one-click access to Game Hubs - all from your home screen.

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