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Work out smarter with famous trainers

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Tracy Anderson is one of the world's most renowned experts in the health and fitness industry. She is best known for the Tracy Anderson Method, which she has used with clients including Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, and Robert Downey Jr.


Exclusive, new workouts from Tony Horton of P90X®. For 25 years, Tony has inspired and motivated people all over the world by sharing his fitness expertise with professional athletes, sports teams, and celebrities.


Jillian Michaels has been called one of the most inspiring people on television based on her role as trainer, wellness expert and life coach. Her life's mission is to spread the word about health, wellness, and self-empowerment to everyone.


Shaun T took fitness to a new level by developing phenomenally successful workouts alongside Beach Body. He created INSANITY®, a 60-day total-body conditioning workout renowned for being insanely challenging—and incredibly effective.

Get unlimited access to interactive workouts.

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Work out smarter
with famous trainers

Experience the world’s best workouts with instant, personalized feedback, right in your home on Xbox Fitness. Train with Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson, Tony Horton of P90X®, Shaun T of INSANITY® and more. Choose from a variety of workout lengths and styles, including cardio, sports training, Tai Chi and Zumba. Optimize every workout with immediate feedback on your form, power and heart rate on Xbox One with Kinect, featuring Muscle Mapping, Energy metre, and Pulse.** Plus, feed your motivation with social challenges. Buy individual workouts, and get over 30 additional workouts for free with Xbox Live Gold. Only on Xbox One.


Created exclusively for Xbox Fitness by Hollywood Yoga Instructor Jake Ferree, YO:30 is a 5 workout series designed to help you get the most from your yoga practice in the shortest time possible. This unique program can help you establish a better mind-body connection while you build upon the basics of yoga. With all levels of yogis in mind, YO:30 will help you find and create balance, flexibility, strength, and self-awareness in just 30 minutes.

JJ and Paul

Up Your Game. Train with JJ Watt or Paul George.

Take your training to the next level with Paul George, small forward for the Indiana Pacers. Up your game on the court by working out to pro-level basketball drills designed to improve stamina, agility, strength and recovery.

Football Training Camp with Houston Texans DE JJ Watt, will help athletes increase agility, speed, and stamina, with workouts designed to focus on each specific attribute.


Zumba® Fitness Exhilarate™ Body Shaping System

Party yourself into shape with 7 exhilarating workouts! Start with any of the action-packed routines, packed with red-hot music and get your body moving like never before.

Trainer spotlight

Shaun T

Shaun T

"It's not where you started-
it's where you're going."

Read Shaun T's Tips >
Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels

"If you have a 'why' to live for
you can tolerate any 'how'."

Read Jillian's Tips >
Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson

"Every morning when we
wake up, we have 24 brand
new hours to live. What a
precious gift!"


Tony Horton

Tony Horton

"Do your best, and
forget the rest."

Read Tony's Tips >

Free with Xbox Live Gold*

Xbox Fitness requires Xbox One system and Kinect for Xbox One sensor. Available Xbox Fitness content may vary over time and by country

  • Tracy Anderson Workouts

    • Transform I – Muscular Structure 1
    • Transform II – Cardio


    • Omnicentric – Transform Day 1-10
  • 10 Min. Solution Workouts

    5 Day Get Fit Mix

    • Belly Fat Burner
    • Cardio Kickboxing
    • Fat Blasting Intervals
    • Lean Body Sculpt
    • Power Yoga

    Rapid Results Fat Burner

    • Cardio Max
    • Extreme Intervals
    • Low Impact Fat Blaster
    • Power Sports Drills
    • Rapid Results Kickboxing

    Ultimate Boot Camp

    • Fat Fighting Skills & Drills
    • Six Pack Ab Attack
    • Ultimate Lower Body Training
    • Ultimate Upper Body Training
    • Ultimate Total Body Training


    • Core Basics
    • Upper Body Basics
    • Total Body Combo
    • Long & Limber Stretch
    • Lower Body Basics


    • Knockout Body Blast
    • Fat Attack
    • Fierce & Fabulous Abs
    • Ultimate Upper Body
    • Kickbox Cross Train
  • Mossa Workouts


    • Workout 1
    • Workout 2


    • Workout 1
    • Workout 2


    • Workout 1


    • Workout 1
    • Workout 2
  • Yoga Workout Series

    • Coming Soon

Muscle mapping

Sees which muscles are most engaged by the power, force and transfer of weight in your body, and gives you tips to produce stronger results. Measures your exertion and challenges you to push harder, so you can maximize your workout.


Detects micro-fluctuations in your skin optically to read your heart rate, absolutely touch free, from up to 10 feet away.

Energy metre

Illustrates your energy utilization, encouraging you to keep your effort up until each exercise is complete.

Kinect- be amazed

We've completely re-engineered Kinect to take full advantage of all that Xbox One can do. It's more precise. More responsive. More intuitive. Its unparalleled voice, vision, and motion technology lets you reach into games and entertainment like never before. Automatically sign in when you enter the room. Accelerate through a game with subtle gestures. Or navigate through your favourite TV shows with the sound of your voice. It's an entirely new Kinect for a new generation of entertainment.

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