Xbox One is changing the game.

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Step into the huddle.

With Xbox One, step into the huddle and experience the NFL in an all-new light - where you are at the center of your NFL world. With the NFL on Xbox One, stay connected to all the latest NFL news, video highlights and stories around-the-clock, and keep tabs on live stats and scores from around the League. Personalize your experience to follow all the latest from your favourite team, and with built-in Fantasy Football you can even follow your Fantasy updates in real-time while watching live TV broadcast games.*

All your NFL, all the time.

The NFL on Xbox One brings together the best of, NFL Fantasy, & NFL Network on-demand - all together on your TV in an integrated way. Get all the latest news from around the League, customize your highlights based on your favourite team, and track real-time scores and stats on Sunday. All your NFL, anytime. All the time.*

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  • Fantasy

Fantasy Football
on your TV.

NFL Fantasy Football comes to life on your TV with Xbox One, allowing you to manage your team and track your League in your living room like never before. Built-in Fantasy allows you to set your lineup, watch highlights from your players or prospects, and even receive real-time scoring updates as you track your games on Sunday. Snap your Fantasy next to live TV or gaming and never miss a scoring update again.*

Personalized for your favourite team.

Personalize the My Team channel so that it follows all the stories, video highlights, stats, standings, and news from just your favourite team and its players. Watch all the highlights from over the weekend, or get ready for next week's game with tailored news segments and a curated Twitter feed. It's the best of your NFL team, all in one place on your TV.*

Always in-the-know, with Game Center.

Get all the latest news, stats, video highlights and stories from around the League, no matter what day or time of the week. It's your ultimate NFL connection on your TV. And with snap, you can even stay up-to-speed on real-time stats and scores on Sunday while watching live TV or gaming. Never miss what's happening from around League ever again.* | Game Center

Snap the NFL to your world.

With the Xbox One, always keep tabs on the hottest NFL news, scores, and highlights with snap - even while you're doing other stuff on your TV. Whether you are gaming, watching movies, or listening to music - you can multi-task and snap the NFL on Xbox One up on your screen. Never miss an NFL moment.*

  • Fantasy Fantasy Football on Xbox 360. Fantasy Football on Xbox 360 gives you all the best of your Fantasy team's highlights, right on your TV. Plus, track your weekly Fantasy match-ups and League standings, and get all the analyses of your favourite players and the scoring leaders.**

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*Coming November 2013. The NFL on Xbox One, including Fantasy Football, requires advanced TV hardware, broadband internet, and Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately). To view NFL Network content users must have a television service provider that carries the NFL Network channel. Additional requirements may apply for some features. See

**Coming September 2013. The NFL on Xbox 360, including Fantasy Football, requires broadband internet, and Xbox Live Gold Membership (sold separately). Additional requirements apply for some features.

***Skype requires an Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately).