iHeartRadio on Xbox One

on Xbox One

iHeartRadio on Xbox One is the easiest way to listen to your music and radio for free. Enjoy thousands of the best radio stations from across the country, or type in the name of an artist and get a station with music from that artist and other similar artists you’ll love.

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iHeartRadio on Xbox One

Your Favorite Music and Radio in One Free App

Listen to thousands of the best live radio stations from across the country and custom artist stations.

iHeartRadio Genre Picker

Get Personal with Our Genre Picker

Tell us your favorite genres so that we may personalize your station recommendations.

iHeartRadio recommendations for you

Our Recommendations Are For You

We’ll use the Genre Picker, your location, and listening history to suggest stations that are specifically "For You." Check for frequent updates that reflect your preferences.

iHeartRadio Player

Easy Access to Your Favorites

All the music you love is now on one station, My Favorites Radio - personalized with every song, artist and genre that expresses your individuality. The more you interact and thumb, the smarter and more personalized your station becomes.

iHeartRadio Search

Search for Your Favorite Station, Artist or Song

Know the station, artist or song you want to search for? Instantly find it from our catalog of over 30 million songs where we’ll surface the most relevant result as “Top Hit”.

Background Audio

Multi-task and stream iHeartRadio in the background as you’re gaming. Rock on. Game on.

Setup Overview

Setup step 1

Connect Your Microsoft Account

Sign in with your Microsoft Account. An Xbox Live membership is required to use iHeartRadio.

Setup step 1

Search for iHeartRadio

Go to apps and select Browse Apps. From there, search for iHeartRadio.

Setup step 1

Download and install iHeartRadio

Select the iHeartRadio app to download and install. The app starts automatically once the download is complete.

Setup step 1

Launch iHeartRadio

Once in the app, create your free account and enjoy the music!