Xbox One has the best
multiplayer and service.

Xbox One is the best place to play with family and friends.

With millions of players around the world, and more than a decade of multiplayer experience, Xbox Live is the proven place to play. And now, everyone is invited to experience smarter matchmaking, less waiting, and better performance with Xbox Live on Xbox One.

More ways to play together

From the latest multiplayer titles to dance, karaoke, yoga and other great apps and content, there are tons of ways to have fun on Xbox One. Challenge your friends on Xbox Live, or party up with your family side by side in your home. With new and improved Kinect, games and entertainment come to life in incredible new ways. Don’t be surprised to find yourself jumping, kicking and moving – it’s all part of the fun on Xbox One!

Easily find your perfect match

Smart Match uses advanced algorithms to pair you with the right players, giving you more control over who you play with.

No waiting in lobbies.

Keep playing while Smart Match works behind the scenes to find someone who suits your skill and style of play.

Cloud-based power.

Multiplayer games are hosted on the cloud, which helps boost performance, neutralize host advantage and minimize cheating.

No Jerks.

An extensive community-powered reputation system keeps annoying people and cheats out of your games. So you only play with friends and gamers you like.

A service you can count on.

You play on Xbox Live, a proven multiplayer network powered by over 300,000 servers. So you get maximum performance and an unparalleled gaming experience every time.

Get your Xbox One.

The all-in-one gaming and entertainment system. Where the award-winning games, multiplayer, and your favorite entertainment apps come together in one place.

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