Zoo Tycoon
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  • "It's so realistic"

Also available on Xbox 360 | Learn more

Create the zoo of your dreams with Zoo Tycoon!

Let your imagination run wild with Zoo Tycoon on Xbox One! Build your dream zoo alone or with up to four of your friends on Xbox Live, choosing from over 100 visually stunning animals and the largest, most detailed selection of environments ever.

Become a part of the community by uploading your creation to the cloud and working together with other Tycoons to care for and share your animals. With intuitive, easy-to-use controls and Kinect-enabled features that allow your animals to recognize your voice and react to your movements, this zoo simulation will charm animal lovers of all ages.

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Product Info

  • Developer Frontier Developments
  • Publisher Microsoft
  • Genre Simulation; Broad-Family
  • Platform Xbox One & Xbox 360
  • Players up to 4 simultaneously over Xbox Live


The Collaborative Power of the Cloud

Upload and share your zoo with Zoo Tycoon players all over the world or create an incredible zoo with up to four players over Xbox Live.


Community Efforts over Xbox Live

Engage in large scale community-wide animal conservation efforts and communicate with other Tycoons via Skype.


Closer Interactions with Kinect

With Kinect, your zoo animals will recognize you and react to your voice and movements like never before and you can seamlessly switch back to a controller.

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