Ammo Pigs: Cocked and Loaded
Ammo Pigs: Cocked and Loaded

Ammo Pigs: Cocked and Loaded

ChiliDog Interactive • Action & adventure • Platformer
1 Supported languages
1 Supported languages
Blood, Violence


The age is 2049 AD. All life forms have gone extinct — except for the pigs who oppose the hostile AI-controlled machines. The robots should be destroyed, but more importantly, there have been found the last surviving chickens. They must be saved at any cost! Ammo Pigs: Cocked and Loaded is an action-packed run-n-gun game with a heavy emphasis on jumping and shooting elements. It brings the feeling of 80’s and 90’s 2D action games with a lot of fun, explosions and bacon — in case you’re not good enough to save those poor chickens from deadly chicken-hating machines. Give it a spin if you’re up for some touch challenge!

Published by
ChiliDog Interactive
Developed by
Cascadia Games
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Playable on

Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


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