Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition - Hammer & Shield Expansion Pack

Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition - Hammer & Shield Expansion Pack

Requires a game
Requires a game
For ages 17 and up
Blood and Gore, Strong Language, Violence

Users Interact, In-Game Purchases

This content requires a game (sold separately).


The Hammer & Shield Expansion Pack introduces two contrasting new Battlegroups for Multiplayer, Co-op and Single Player Skirmish. For solo strategists, an all-new Campaign Company allows you to tackle the Italian Campaign with bold combined arms tactics. In addition, Hammer & Shield also includes four cosmetic packs, one for each army in the game. WEHRMACHT - ITALIAN COASTAL DEFENSE BATTLEGROUP The Coastal Reserves Infantry are versatile, and defensive, opening up myriad strategies for cunning commanders. These reservists are experts in field defenses and can build anything from tank traps to concrete bunkers. The Coastal Reserves also gain combat bonuses when fighting from cover or near defensive bunkers, making them an extremely difficult nut to crack. The Artillery Officer is the perfect unit to punish the enemy as they stall against your fortifications and dogged line infantry. The officer can call down artillery and smoke barrages, supervise production, and inspire nearby infantry to greater feats in combat. The Obice da 210/22 is a heavy howitzer, and a statement piece in any defensive general’s armament. Its ominous boom heralds the impact of 101KG shells that will eviscerate infantry, armor, and fortifications alike. USF - ADVANCED INFANTRY BATTLEGROUP The elite Rangers are one of the key elements of the Advanced Infantry Battlegroup. Riflemen in the field can be upgraded to Rangers and become an option in the Barracks build menu. These devastating troops can call down their own weapon drops, and can wield up to six upgraded weapons in total, ranging from flamethrowers to BARs. Advanced Infantry Battlegroup is also heavily focused on artillery support. Upgrade your Scouts into Artillery Observers, who can build Artillery Radio Beacons. The 105mm M1 Howitzer provides your troops with dedicated on field medium artillery support, and can even be upgraded to auto fire on the enemy, leaving you more time to focus on the assault at hand. Finally, if the situation calls for a concentrated heavy artillery solution, the 155mm Rapid Artillery strike will provide exactly that. This ability is perfect to smash the lines of entrenched foes, or to tip the scales in large scale engagements. BRITISH AIR AND SEA - CAMPAIGN COMPANY The British Air and Sea Company for the Italian Dynamic Campaign allows for a varied and flexible combined arms playstyle. In missions, Airborne Commandos will enable you to lay deadly ambushes, or strike fast and hard in all out assaults. These Elite troops are among some of the finest in the theatre, and can be used to devastating effect. When more drastic solutions are required, the Air and Sea Company can call in a range of devastating aerial support, such as Incendiary Saturation Bombing, Anti-Tank Strafing Runs, and more. The boots on the ground can also rely on Naval Bombardments to smash defensive lines and keep the enemy on their heels. On the Campaign Map, the Air and Sea company is an exceptional deep strike option. Able to paradrop to target locations, this company offers the British a more aggressive archetype than the other available Campaign Companies. ALL-NEW COSMETICS Hammer and Shield also includes 4 cosmetic packs, one for each army in the game. The packs are listed as follows: Wehrmacht - Fallen Leaf Panzer IV and Stug III Pack Deutsches Afrikakorps Blocking Force Infantry Pack British Nature’s Vanguard CwT & Dingo Pack USF Board Room Half-Track and Hellcat Pack In total, Hammer & Shield Expansion Pack owners will have access to 10 new cosmetics. Win at all costs and look good doing so.

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