Armello - Rivals Hero Pack
Armello - Rivals Hero Pack

Armello - Rivals Hero Pack

League of Geeks • Action & adventure • Card & board • Strategy • Simulation
Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Alcohol Reference, Mild Language

Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB

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Rival Armello's original Heroes in their quest for the throne by taking charge of the Great Clans' misfits with this Hero pack! Includes four new playable Heroes, one new Amulet, and four new Rings! NEW HEROES Hargrave, Thunder Earl Once atop Rabbit nobility, a decorated general with a dangerous dash of senility. Griotte, Butcher Baroness A devilish, double-crossing rat, with double the personality. Fang, The Exiled The exiled heir to the Wolf Clan throne. Savage and scorned. Yordana, The Devourer A curious old crone, dedicated to the ways of the Wyld... whatever the cost. NEW AMULET Intimidate: A Hero Amulet befitting these new challengers. FOUR NEW RINGS Cat's Eye, Spinel, Chrysocolla, Taaffeite

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League of Geeks
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League of Geeks
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