Thrillville: OTR

Thrillville: OTR

Disney Interactive Studios • Simulação
2 Idiomas com suporte
2 Idiomas com suporte
12 anos
12 anos
Violência, Conteúdo Sexual

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Thrillville: Off the Rails offers all the visceral fun of enjoying the theme park that you create! Featuring some of the most outlandish roller-coaster concepts ever imagined, new ways to talk to the park guests, and a staggering 40+ mini-game variants, this fall release amps up the family-friendly mix of gameplay that made the original Thrillville such a hit. With 5 all-new parks and 100 new missions, there’s no end to what you can create in Thrillville: Off the Rails.

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Disney Interactive Studios
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Frontier Development Ltd.
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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


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