Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire

Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire

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Xbox Play Anywhere
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Five uniquely talented sisters are squabbling over which of them will marry the angel Yashin. Enjoy the heroic(?) strategies of all five! Sparks flare around the man all five sisters wish to claim. Introducing the new vertical scrolling shooter game! The Tension Bonus System (TBS) means your score and number of coins multiplies based on your distance from enemies and their attacks, and the Powershot System changes normal attacks into strong attacks, further ramping up the tension! Plus, once the TBS has multiplied by two within a certain time, Secret Fairies will be hidden somewhere in stages for you to find. Master these systems and set new high scores! [NOTICE] This game has been converted to Xbox One using the Universal Windows Platform framework (“UWP”). UWP games on Xbox One will display a screen when the game is first loaded, entitled “Permission Needed” and asking you to grant certain permissions from your Xbox Live profile. In order to fully play the game, please select “Yes”. If you select “No” the game will still start, but your progress will not save and Achievements will not unlock. Please note that all UWP games display this screen and ask for these permissions, and no personal date is requested by the game or received by us.

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