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Il sangue e l'inchiostro macchiano le strade di Ramezia. Le streghe vanno arse e i peccati condannati. Vesti i panni di Sorella Semilla e radi al suolo i pilastri dell'eresia in Minoria, un gioco di azione e piattaforme dai creatori di Momodora. The story takes place during the fourth Witch War. It is a time of fanatical religious fervor. The Sacred Office, a powerful organization leading an Inquisition against heresy, purges the sinners who threaten humanity. Those responsible for conducting a mysterious ceremony that contradicts the rules of the Church are labeled “witches.” Now, Sisters Semilla and Fran, missionaries in the Church’s service, set out to thwart the witches’ ceremony and protect the common-folk from heresy that endangers the status quo. Minoria is the latest and most ambitious game from Bombservice and a spiritual sequel to the Momodora series. Fans of Momodora will find familiar aspects in the design and gameplay elements, as they master the ins-and-outs of parries, dodges, and a variety of different spells. Now in HD format, with aesthetics mixing 2D hand-painted backgrounds and cel-shaded characters, Minoria continues Bombservice’s legacy on consoles.

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