Bouncing Boxes
Bouncing Boxes

Bouncing Boxes

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"Bouncing Boxes" is a simple party game (I think) where you take control of a robot-box created by someone using an hoverboard, a bucket and some wheels... Your aim is to push the other boxes (why should someone build robot-boxes..?) down from the falling platforms (yeah, platforms will fall randomly, because... Why not?). The minimum number of player in order to play with our awesome creation is 2, but you can play with 3 more friends, for a total of 4 players, and waste in this way your time! CREDITS Federico Giorgi - Game Director, Game Designer, Programmer, Level Designer, UI Designer, 2D Artist Davide Dal Cin - 3D Artist, 2D Artist, UI Designer, Level Designer Main Menu Theme: Finley Burch - The New Dawn Game Theme: [TPRMX] Vivaldi - Four Seasons 'Summer' 3rd Presto REMIX

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