Fluffy Cubed
Fluffy Cubed

Fluffy Cubed

QUByte Interactive • Rodina a děti • Puzzle a minihry
115,00 Kč
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2 Podporované jazyky


Fluffy Cubed is a minimalist puzzle game where the mechanics are inspired by the famous Sokoban genre, of Japanese origin. In this game, you play a kitten in the shape of a cube that must move the boxes to their places. But is not that simple, you'll need to analyze well your movements to make sure that the boxes will no get trapped. The interface is simple, cute and you don't have to worry getting only one way to solve them, because there is many ways to complete the levels.

QUByte Interactive
Naoka Games
Datum vydání
17. 2. 2022

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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


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