Ticket to Ride: Classic Edition

Ticket to Ride: Classic Edition

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1 ngôn ngữ được hỗ trợ
Xbox Play Anywhere
1 ngôn ngữ được hỗ trợ
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Ticket to Ride will be removed from the store on June 17th, 2024, at 11am CEST / 2am PDT / 5am EDT, alongside the game servers. Hence, online play mode will not be available anymore alongside all other online services such as chat. Offline play as well as the Pass & Play mode will still be playable for as long as you own the game. Furthermore, you will still be able to use all the DLCs you own. We are incredibly grateful for your unwavering support and passion over the past years. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Farewell, ferroequinologists. CONNECT MORE THAN JUST CITIES Re(discover) Ticket to Ride, the classic boardgame. In this railway adventure, you’ll need to be the quickest to link up your cities and reach your destinations. In this strategy game for all ages, try out different tactics, block your competitors’ lines and take over routes before the others do. With so many different strategies to try, each new game is a unique experience. Travel the world from Europe to India, passing through the legendary China, facing new challenges by purchasing additional maps with their own special rules (available in expansion packs). Download “Nordic Countries” for free: take up new challenges and explore a totally new map! - A tutorial teaches you the rules of the game so you can head off quickly on your adventure - Play in single-player mode, online multi-player against Xbox players (Xbox One, PC) - This is the official adaptation of Alan R. Moon’s best-selling boardgame, Ticket to Ride, which sold over 10 million copies. - An easy-to-play strategy game - No game is ever the same, you can play over and over again - Discover a series of add-ons with special maps and rules

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Twin Sails Interactive

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Twin Sails Interactive

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