Sky Force Bundle

Sky Force Bundle

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Sky Force Anniversary and Sky Force Reloaded are modern remakes of highly acclaimed mobile shoot ‘em ups from the early 2000’s. Offering perfectly smooth controls, gorgeous visuals and highly polished gameplay, both titles provide hours of fun with a solid amount of campaign stages, progression system with light RPG elements, unlockable content and multiple difficulty levels. - Beat a set of gorgeous and immersive stages, each with a set of challenges to complete. - Unlock new difficulty modes, all the way from Normal to Nightmare. - Battle enormous and intimidating bosses. - Rescue missing operatives, stranded on the battlefield. - Install upgrades to your weapons, shields and other equipment. - Collect bonus cards to boost your equipment and extend its functionality. - Get rewards by picking up the wrecks of your fallen friends. - Enter infinite stages of the Weekend Tournament to compete for the top leaderboard spots. - Appreciate well balanced difficulty curve, whether you’re a casual or veteran gamer. - Enjoy professional voiceover and excellent electronic soundtrack. - Invite your friend to play with you in local cooperative mode. Additionally, Sky Force Reloaded also offers a total of 9 unlockable planes with unique gameplay features and a set of in-game objectives to unlock the technicians - assisting pilots with special abilities to give you an extra edge during the fiercest of battles.


Infinite Dreams Inc.


Infinite Dreams Inc. / Crunching Koalas

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Xbox – lokálna kooperatívna hra (2-2)
  • Xbox – hra pre viacerých hráčov v lokálnej sieti (2-2)
  • Xbox Live