Nyakuza Metro
Nyakuza Metro

Nyakuza Metro

Humble Games • Akčné a adventúry • Plošinové
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Welcome to the deep underground Nyakuza Metro! It's the perfect place for a little lying, a little cheating... a little stealing. Join the Nyakuza and become mad rich - joining a gang never turned out bad, right? Nyakuza Metro introduces: - 10 New Time Pieces! - Stickers! Stickers can be attached to your weapon, used with the Camera Badge, or as emotes! - A new weapon: The Baseball Bat! - A new Purple Time Rift: Rumbi Factory! - New flairs, including the Nyakuza Mask, Burger Cap, Artistic Vision, and more! - 2 new camera filters! - 3 new badges! - Over 20 new dyes, including Wireframe, Pizza Time and more!

Humble Games
Gears for Breakfast
Dátum vydania
31. 3. 2021

Hrateľné na

Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


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