Boyfriend Dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon

Kitfox GamesAkčné a adventúryRPGSimulátory
Od 12 rokov
Dvojzmyselné sexuálne narážky, Mierne hrešenie


Romance your swords! Capture the hearts of weapons to level them up in this “shack-and-slash” dungeon crawling adventure. For your summer job, you’re tasked with clearing the creatures in “the dunj”. Soon you discover weapons you find transform into cuties… and they’re SINGLE! (What a craaazy coincidence because you also happen to be up for grabs yourself.) Spend the cash you earn on romantic outings to forge precious moments with your lovers and work together to clear the rampant monster infestations, because after all, a couple that slays together, stays together.


Kitfox Games


Kitfox Games

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PC


  • Jeden hráč
  • Premenlivá frekvencia obnovovania
  • 60 sn./s +
  • Gamepad pre PC
  • Podporuje cloud
  • Xbox – výsledky
  • Xbox – prítomnosť
  • Xbox – ukladanie do cloudu
  • Xbox Live