Dead Island 2 Character Pack - Jungle Fantasy Ryan

Dead Island 2 Character Pack - Jungle Fantasy Ryan

Deep Silver • Ação e aventura • RPG
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Para maiores de 18 anos
18 anos
Violência Extrema, Drogas, Linguagem Imprópria

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The heat, the sweat, the animal pheromones, the rippling pecs, that manly moustache. Damsels’ hearts race and the swoon-o-meter throbs all the way up to 11! Customize your slayers with our premium character packs which includes a unique costume and weapon from the HELL-A Catwalk Collection. Jungle Fantasy Ryan includes: - Doc Sausage skin for Ryan - The Old Man - this weapon can be used by any of the 6 slayers


Deep Silver


Deep Silver Dambuster Studios

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S