Veteran Units

Veteran Units

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Requires a game
Requires a game
For ages 18 and over

This content requires a game (sold separately).

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The ‘Veteran Units’ pack contains battle-worn uniforms from some of the most iconic units seen on the Italian Front, from the Italian Sardinian brigade and Bersaglieri to the Austro-Hungarian Honved. There are five mustaches and four facial items, plus one face for each faction. The ‘Veteran Units’ pack contains 35 items: - 6 Italian Uniforms - 5 Italian Headgear Items - 6 Austro-Hungarian Uniforms - 7 Austro-Hungarian Headgear Items - 4 Facial Items - 5 Mustaches - 2 Faces (one per faction) The Italian uniforms include the famous "Sassari" brigade (Sardinians), who were deployed in some of the most bitterly contested battles of the war. In addition the Italian officer and mountaineer get the distinctive Italian Royal Army capes. All of the uniforms are filthy from combat, giving the player a true "veteran" look. The Austro-Hungarians get the Hungarian Honved infantry uniform with Hungarian inscriptions and embroidery, as well as their "feldkappe". The other uniforms included are grimy, battle-worn and carrying gear appropriate to experienced trench fighters. For the Assault class a light summer tunic is available as well. The pack includes four facial items including two bandages for those who have really seen action, some very unusual gasmask-fitted glasses, and a half-smoked cigarette. It also includes five facial hair styles including "Franz-Joseph I"-style sideburns, and the small mustache worn by Italian general "Pietro Bagdolio". NOTE: THIS DLC CONTAINS COSMETIC CONTENT ONLY.

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