Survive Craft

Survive Craft

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Beautiful, rich, vast infinite worlds. Sky, terrain, water, vegetation, physics, world interaction, UI, inventory and more. Load/Save. Load and save functionality included. ***In addition to the gamepad, the keyboard is required to play on Xbox.*** ******************************************************** New update: You take the role of a stranded navy officer in a lush, tropical island, where you will confront hunters, wild beasts and other players for survival. "Eat or be eaten. That's the basic rule that you must have in mind. You must survive, fight, bite your way out of the hunters and beasts that will eat you alive. Get your weapons and prepare yourself... and don't forget: even humans will stab your back at the smallest chance." In this new update a new map was released where the object is to try to survive and make the highest amount of points. Can be played in single player or multiplayer mode. Is a battle-royale (action, first person shooter). Supports local single and multi-player on your local area network. The game can be played on a local network, with other players using ipv6, you can also create your own server and invite friends or use your own game server connecting to the following public ip: ******************************************************** Controls: - Gamepad: Left Analog: Character movement. Right Analog: Camera movement. RT: Race. X: Jump. RB: Collect. Mine. Destroys. Select: Inventory. A: Craft. B: Crouch. LB: Crouching. Share: Returns to the main menu. Y: Action. Right Analog Click: Back. Right Analog Click: Throw Item. - Keyboard: Enter Right : Returns to the main menu. the list of keyboard commands is in the game detail screenshots.

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  • Xbox One
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  • HDR10
  • Single player
  • Variable Refresh Rate
  • Xbox Live