Ship of Fools - Aquapocalypse Edition

Ship of Fools - Aquapocalypse Edition

11 Supported languages
11 Supported languages
For ages 7 and over
Mild Violence, Fear

Users Interact

+Offers in-app purchases.

Game requires online multiplayer subscription to play on console (Game Pass Core or Ultimate, sold separately).


Man the cannons! The Ship of Fools Aquapocalypse Edition is here! Embark on a seafaring cooperative roguelite where you'll navigate treacherous seas and defend your home from the coming Aquapocalypse. Blast your way through your foes and uncover powerful trinkets and artifacts to help you with your quest. Are you fool enough to stop the Aquapocalypse? The Aquapocalypse Edition includes: -Sea of Fools Game -The Deep Sea Duo DLC: New Fools have bubbled up from the crushing depths. Expand your crew choices with the Deep Sea Duo. -The Water Garden Duo DLC: New Fools have emerged from the ponds. The Water Garden duo is ready to join your crew.

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Fika Productions

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Playable on

  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Xbox local co-op (2-2)
  • Online co-op (2-2)
  • Single player
  • Xbox Live