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Digerati • Platformer
For ages 7 and over, Violence


Tired of playing the hero? Nefarious is a 2D action platformer where you get to be the villain! Step into the wily shoes of Crow, an evil genius on an epic quest to steal princesses for his royalty-powered death ray – the world-conquering Doom Howitzer. Wreak havoc across five different kingdoms! Stomp on heroes in iconic battles recreated with you as the boss! Unleash your inner megalomaniac! Key Features You’re the villain! Kidnap princesses! Take over the world! Lovingly crafted 2D animation and illustrated backdrops Reverse boss battles let you fight against the hero Globe hop between five different kingdoms Unlock different ammo types for your grenade launcher Mix and match customization options for your explosive punches Uncover mysteries to unlock a secret ending! Story that spoofs the video game trope of princess kidnapping

Published by
Developed by
Stage Clear Studios / StarBlade
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Playable on

Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


Xbox Live

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