Monster Hunter Rise DLC Pack 6

Monster Hunter Rise DLC Pack 6

CAPCOM CO., LTD. • Action & adventure • Role playing
Requires a game
Requires a game
For ages 12 and over
Moderate Violence

Users Interact, In-Game Purchases

This content requires a game (sold separately).


Enhance your Monster Hunter Rise experience with this sixth DLC pack! This additional content includes: - "Summer Hat" Hunter layered armor piece - "Summer Top" Hunter layered armor piece - "Summer Bracelets" Hunter layered armor piece - "Summer Belt" Hunter layered armor piece - "Summer Pants" Hunter layered armor piece - "Fiorayne" Hunter layered armor set - "Utsushi" Hunter layered armor set - "F Summer" Palico layered armor set - "C Summer" Palamute layered armor set - "For the Fans" gesture set - MC Pose Set - "Malzeno Menace" face paint - "Single Stroke Cheek" face paint - "Spiribird Edge" hairstyle - "Fiorayne Short" hairstyle - Hunter Voice: Fiorayne - Hunter Voice: Galleus - "Monster & Title Music: Piano Version" BGM - "Monster Hunter Series Bases Pt. 2" BGM - "Special Stickers 10" sticker set Note: The products included in this set can also be purchased separately. Please be careful of duplicate purchases. How to use this content: After purchase, speak to the Courier in the game and select Add-on Content to receive the content. Usage varies depending on the type of content, as listed below. - Layered Armor can be used in the Layered Armor Settings menu of the Item Box (Hunter armor) or Buddy Board (Palico and Palamute armor). Please note that layered armor is a "skin" which changes the appearance of the character without affecting their stats and abilities. - Face paint and hairstyles can be applied by selecting Change Appearance in the Item Box or when creating a character. - Gestures and stickers can be used from the Chat Menu, where you can also enter text into sticker speech bubbles. - Pose Sets can be used from the Start Menu or from the Camera option in the Pause Menu.

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